Private Training

Our Private Training clients enjoy the highest level attention and customization to help them meet their personal fitness goals. Jon has a passion for helping people live their very best lives and has extensive training in the areas of physical training, nutrition, lifestyle coaching, and meditation and his holistic training approach has proven successful in helping clients make changes that ultimately yield lasting results.


Absolutely! Thanks to technology, we currently train clients virtually throughout the U.S. (and beyond!). 

We do our best to prioritize the scheduling needs of our private clients. Please fill out the questionnaire linked at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch shortly to schedule a time that works for you.

We offer training both virtually and in-person. Clients who live far from West LA (or who frequently travel) typically opt for our virtual private training. Additionally, the mandatory (temporary) closure of local gyms in CA due to Covid-19 has limited where we are able to train clients in person. That said, we do our very best to eliminate as many barriers as possible and will do our best to figure out a training experience that works for you!

We are extremely careful to maintain the highest level of sanitation and social distancing when meeting with clients. This includes thoroughly sanitizing any equipment that we bring to the meeting and following all recommended guidelines from the CDC

It all depends on what your personal needs are, such as frequency and location of training sessions. Our training style is highly customizable in order to best help you achieve your goals. Please fill out the questionnaire below and we’ll be in touch shortly to go over the details.

We ask clients to commit to 12 months of training because it takes time to achieve lasting change. That said, we are flexible and can work with deadlines (for example preparation for a acting role, or getting in shape for a wedding, etc.)—in these cases, however, we highly recommend there being a “transition phase” after the deadline to wean the body off of a more rigorous training regimen. Session packs and/or monthly memberships are available for our Private clients.

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Please complete this short questionnaire or send us and email and we’ll follow up shortly to schedule a call to further discuss your goals. Have a question for us? Feel free to email us!