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Rubberbanditz | Exercise Bands – These incredibly strong exercise bands will give anyone a great workout. We love these for home workouts and for traveling. Check out the Mobile Gym Kit, Booty Band Kit, or their Combo Band Kit (select the “1/2/3” set and order 2 sets). Code BANDFAM may get you $5 off.

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Seed | Probiotics – We’ve both been consistently using their Daily Synbiotic for years now and we’ve both noticed huge improvements in digestion. (Full disclosure—Seed isn’t meant to prevent or treat any sort of disease, but we definitely recommend it based on our experience!). Use code BRANDI15 for 15% off the first month of their Daily Synbiotic. subscription.

Territory | Healthy Meals – Delicious custom meals cooked by local chefs delivered to you! Use code BRANDI for $25 off your first two orders.